Still Life in Yellow, Mixed Media.  18 in diameter. 

Vegetables. Acrylic paint on canvas. 8 x 10 in. 

Purple flowers. Acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas. 6x6 in. 

Still life 1. Oil paint on paper.  4 x 6 in. 

Still life 2. Oil on paper. 4 x 6 in. 

Flower. Pencil on paper. 8 x 10 in. 

Pomegranates. Ink on paper.  12 x 16 in. 

Exotic flower, ink on paper, 11 x17 in

Still Life 2.  Oil paint on wooden board.  20 x 20 in. 

Untitled. Charcoal and acrylic paint on paper.  18 x 24 in. 

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